What'll I Do
The Negatives of Being Positively Charged (25)
Ego Plum
Length 1:01
Harvey Beaks What'll I Do

Harvey Beaks What'll I Do

"What'll I Do" is a duet ballad sung by Fee and Foo in "The Negatives of Being Positively Charged". It is a popular standard written by Irving Berlin in 1923. [1]


Foo: What'll I do when you
are far away,
and I am blue,
what'll I do...

Fee: What'll I do when I
am wondering who,
is punching you,
what'll I do...

Foo: What'll I do with just
a photograph,
to tell my troubles to...

Both: When I'm alone with only
dreams of you,
that won't come true,
what'll I do...

Foo: What'll I do...

Both: What'll we do...

A Word From the Composer

Fee and Foo’s rendition of “What’ll I Do” is so sweet and touching! It amazes me that a modern day cartoon would have a string arrangement of a 1923 Irving Berlin song in it... Let alone my arrangement! This was a tall order but I think it came out nice - and the adorable voices of Fee and Foo absolutely make the song! -ep


  • The lyric that included "kissing you" in the original song got changed to "punching you." [2]


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