aka masterofcartoons

  • I live in Royal Woods
  • My occupation is Video editing
  • I am Girl
  • Bio DarkPopplio94 loves Nicktoons, her favorite nicktoon is Harvey Beaks, She loves Michelle Beaks, She likes to edit on FANDOM every day, She keeps some wikis clean from vandalism, she is very friendly and playful and even funny. If you come across this user on a wiki, Make sure to say Hi to here. She even goes on YouTube and Twitter aswell, Her favorite Pokemon is Lycanroc (Dusk Form) and Solgaleo.
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Welcome to my world, I won't tell my name tho, But my nickname is Popplio and I love Harvey Beaks and Pokemon, I sometimes suck and good on Mario Kart, My fav Pokemon is Popplio and Zorua, and Mew! xd, My fav Harvey Beaks character is Michelle, Nickelodeon rules, Ripoffs suck. Anyways, enjoy what I have for now, I'm also funny aswell.


Currently, I am doing roleplays with my friend Jack (Harvey Beaks Number 1 Fan), However, It is only for me and Jack to do the roleplay.

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