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"The Spitting Tree" is the second episode of the first season of Harvey Beaks.


Harvey and his friends climb the tallest tree in the forest in order to spit over the edge, only to get stuck on it.


Spitting from the highest tree in Littlebark Grove is fun until the kids realize they can’t get back down. Fee and Foo take Harvey to the best place to spit, up in a tree. Then, Harvey realizes he can't get down. But with a little help from Fee and Foo, Harvey finally realizes he can get down out of the tree. Also, they get jealous of Princess so they spit on her to get her angry. After Princess left in a huff, the kids remain stuck up in a tree. Harvey decided to establish a society high up. Later, Princess returns along with the kids' parents. Doctor Roberts suggested that they should rely on the power of crystals to soften the kids' landing until Irving prefer to use a big pile of leaves. As the kids started jumping off the tree, Harvey is the only one who is too scared to do so. Fee and Foo came back up to keep Harvey company. Finally, Harvey mustered the courage to jump off the tree along with Fee and Foo. While falling with excitement, Harvey spits and then landed in a big leaf pile. As everybody goes back home after a long day, Harvey's spit lands on top of Princess's head.


Major Characters

Supporting Characters

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  • In this episode's original broadcast, it aired before "Pe-Choo!"
  • This is the first episode to have a title card with the episode's title written in black within the white splotch.
  • Jean Luc made a cameo while Harvey, Fee, and Foo are falling.

Cultural References

  • Rooter claims to have drank his own pee to survive, a possible reference to the reality TV show, Man vs. Wild, where host Bear Grylls is often seen consuming his urine.

Goofs and Nitpicks

  • When Harvey says "This is awesome!", his beak disappears for a split second.


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