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"The Rentl Bike" is the fifth episode of the first season of Harvey Beaks


Harvey wants to get a bike for Foo, so they can ride together, but they end up stealing it from a rental shop.


Foo playing with a stick, sees Harvey riding bikes with Technobear and Rooter. Upon seeing this becomes excited and wants a bike for himself, so Harvey takes him to Randl's Rentls to pay to rent a bike. The owner, a grumpy raccoon named Randl states that the bicycle they want is twenty dollars, but Harvey hardly has that much money, but Randl seeming generous says that it is enough, only for the bike to collapse into pieces minutes after leaving the store. After coming back to complain, Randl said that they should have paid for the bolts to attach the parts, assuming this is Randl's way of telling them to have all the funds next time, yet he refuses to give a refund.

Coming to Fee for advice, she says that seeing as Harvey paid, Randl owes them a bike, so they have every right to just go in and take one. So Harvey and Foo enter the store dressed as a married couple, not fooling Randl for a second, Randl even seemed to be humouring them. Harvey distracts Randl while Foo takes the bike he wants, and the two flee on the bikes (Harvey using his own), Randl seeing them as something he can easily deal with, comes after them with a shovel.

Fee intercepts and tells Randl to back off, in which he digs the earth out from under her with the shovel and flings her away. Randl keeps calling to them to return the bike, (Notably, he never once threatens them, he just wants the bike back) in which Harvey and Foo climb a large hill and ride the bikes down the other side, Foo's bike hits a log, causing him to bounce down the hill with pains and bruises with Randl arriving seconds later. Foo says that Randl can take the bike back as he had a taste and it's now out of his system. Randl ends up taking both bikes, in which Harvey starts to say that one of them is actually his, but gives up mid-sentence. And now Harvey without a bike, decides to play sticks with Foo.


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  • This is the first time Foo has a major role while Fee has a minor role.


  • When a bird's eye view of the hill is shown, the log that Harvey and Foo trip over is not seen.
  • When Harvey and Foo are leaving Randl's Rentls the second time, the door is partially transparent.


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