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"Technoscare" is the sixteenth Season 2 episode of Harvey Beaks.


When Technobear decides he’s too cool for trick-or-treating, he’s visited by three Halloween spirits that remind him of the true meaning of the holiday.




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  • This is the third Halloween episode. The first ones were "Le Corn Maze... of DOOM!" and "Harvey Isn't Scary".
  • In the title card, the episode's title is written in white within a red splotch.
  • This is the second time the Blargus appears. However, unlike his debut from "Harvey Isn't Scary", he is a real goblin spirit.
  • The following costumes worn are:
    • Harvey Beaks - Vampire firefighter (present) / Goblin bunny (past)
    • Michelle Beaks - Dalmatian
    • Fee - Prisoner
    • Foo - Mermaid
    • Dade - Villager
    • Piri Piri - Amalgamation of hopes and dreams of every child
    • Claire - Magical girl (based on Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura) (present) / Witch (past)
    • Kratz - Robot (mistaken for a washing machine due to the dirty sock on his head)
    • Rooter - Luchador
    • Technobear - T.P. toga dancer (present) / Disco ball (past)
    • The Inspiration - tall glass of water

Cultural References

  • Three spirits visiting the story's main character, and telling him about the true meaning of holiday is based on the book "A Christmas Carol."


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