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Tara is a spider who lives in Bigbark Woods along with her many children. She is also a babysitting instructor, a hair stylist, and a mother to almost 500 babies.


She is a spider with four eyes eyelashes, pink lips, and a purple body.


Tara is always busy, and never has time for anything. She values time and spends almost every minute of it taking care of her babies.


  • The names of five of Tara's many children are Mackenzie, Taylor, Cody, Brandon, and Holly.
  • Tara was originally brown back from the pilot, but in the TV series, her color got changed to violet.
  • According to the credits of the pilot, her name was originally "Terra".
  • Fee confuses Tara for a meatball.
  • In "Mr. & Mrs. Borks" it's revealed that she, Miriam, and Pooker were in a rock band named "Baroness Hag".
  • According to Tara in "Fee's Haircut", she give birth to 500 children.
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