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Rooter is one of Harvey's friends and a recurring character in Harvey Beaks.


He is a pink boar. He wears a white tank top and speaks in an Australian accent. His most prominent physical feature is his maroon Mohawk.


Rooter has a tough personality, and he likes to explore and go on adventures in the woods. He claims to have been stuck in a tree for so long that the only way he would survive is by drinking his own urine. He likes a challenge, and would much rather do things the hard way. In "Comet Night?", he makes Harvey go 2.5 miles in the wrong direction without telling him because he says it would be "far more challenging", and also decides to swim across a lake instead of using Foo's oddly constructed boat to get over.



Rooter and TB are close friends much like the friendship between Piri Piri and Claire.

Piri Piri

It is speculated by Harvey that Rooter likes to be next to Piri Piri. Rooter seems to have a crush on her as shown in Steampunks. He and Piri Piri once almost kissed each other from Le Corn Maze... of DOOM!


  • In the pilot, Rooter was seen sitting in front of the waterfall with Jeremy hiding behind the boulders on the right. But in "Pe-Choo!", Technobear took Rooter's place.
  • His last name is revealed in "Yeti Ready.
  • In real-life, boars are only black while in the cartoon version, boars are only pink.
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