Randl is the owner of Randl's Rentls.


He is a grumpy raccoon who lives with his mother. Nothing seems to cheer him up, such as the comet that passed by him as he claims to have already seen it from "Comet Night!".

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  • It is revealed in "Randl's Scandl" that he and his mother have a special connection despite their constant bickering with each other.
  • It is shown in Recipe for Disaster that Randl is a terrible cook. His very unprofessional pizza commercial alone speaks for itself, as it shows rotting meat and mushrooms that even he admits doesn't know are poisonous or not. Though the commercial all but admits that he's putting no effort into the food to make a quick buck to pay his bills.
  • One thing that may make him so grumpy is that a large majority of his renters do not return the things they rent, at one point putting such a strain on his business that he had nothing left TO rent, as revealed in "Repo Fee".
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