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"Rage Against the Michelle" is a Season 2 episode of Harvey Beaks.[1]


Michelle wrecks Harvey's stuff, so Harvey must cope with an unfamiliar emotion.


The episode begins with Harvey and his friends ready their paintings, then Harvey notices that Michelle smeared his stuff with spaghetti.

However, Michelle continues to wreck Harvey's stuff. Harvey becomes annoyed, frustrated and irritated, until it turns into an anger, his vein comes and his friends tell them that it happens to them sometimes, if he'll pop it, he can explode, it happened to Kratz (through, Kratz is obviously with them, wearing hazmat suit).

Harvey, the others, mad scientist and Moff arrive at the library where the others getting their anger out of control, Claire expresses her anger and annoyance to her sister, but Moff interrupts it, by asking his problem, until everyone start yelling at each other. Harvey tries to stop this argument, but it fails. Suddenly, Harvey freaks and yells everyone out to stop, until he apologizes to each other, but then his veins disappearing.

They realize that the yelling will stop their anger and destroy everything, until they stopped at Moff's house, which Moff confusingly points out.

Harvey returns home, satisfied with his anger is gone. He goes to his room and realizes that Michelle ruined his walls. Harvey becomes furious, he snatches her toy, yells around the woods, driving everyone's attention. When they see Michelle's toy, they coldly tell him that it's going to be very justiciable, if he must break her stuff as a revenge for breaking his stuff. Harvey does so, infuriating Michelle in process that she attacks Harvey. They ended up in a sibling rivalry, until their father Irving calls them for dinner.

In the house, Miriam and Irving awkwardly watch at their infuriated children. They ask if everything's okay, which Harvey states they're okay as their rage destroyed the plate and the table. Irving asks them to treat their anger as a love and care (which he reads from juice carton).

Angered, Harvey storms back into his room, he grabs the crayon decides to fix the wall, but then he slowly recovers as his fury leaves him, Michelle arrives at the scene, where Harvey hands him crayon, they both starting to get along very well, when they ended their wall, they have reconciled as the episode ends.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • The title is a reference to the band, Rage Against the Machine.
  • This is the sixth episode to have Fee and Foo absent.
    • However, Claire has a drawing of her and Foo in anime.
  • This is the second time Michelle is shown with red eyes. The first time was in "The Bad Seed".


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