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"Princess Wants a Mom" is a Season 2 episode of Harvey Beaks.


Princess orders her dad to start dating again so she can have a new mom.


Princess and her father are paddling a boat when her father tells her to both of them using their stregeth or paddle, Then Princess wants to stream a show but she gets interrupted by a baby's giggling and it is revealed to be Miriam and Michelle, who they are enjoying a picnic on the beach, Princess then looks at Hanzi and Piri Piri,Who Hanzi did Piri Piri's hair, and then Princess Finally looks at Petina Paddles, who drops her laptop in the water. Then Princess yells out "I WANT A MOM!" and tries to break the boat. More info coming soon.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • This is the first appearance of M.O.M. since "Randl's Scandl".
    • It is revealed that her name is Evelyn.
    • It is revealed that Evelyn's number is 555 123 8888.
  • This is Hanzi's first appearance since "Mr. & Mrs. Borks".
  • This is the first time Harvey, Fee, and Foo all have minor appearances in an episode.
  • Is the second episode to have Princess name on it.
  • It is revealed that Hanzi his favorite food is anything made with love while Tara's favorite color is purple.
  • It is revealed that Princess' mom passed away sometime when Princess was younger.
  • This is the third time Princess is shown to have blue eyes. The other times were in "The Spitting Tree" and "Princess is Better Than You".
  • It is shown that Princess may be an emotional eater.


  • Princess has a popcorn bag next to her when she's on the boat. But when she asked why everyone else's dad is a woman, the popcorn bag is gone.
  • When Dr. Roberts shows Princess the crystal shrine that represents MC Queen, Princess is missing her tiara.
  • In the match maker scene, when Harvey asks the first question to Hanzi, he spins the wheel and takes the first card from the blue. But when he asked the next question to Tara, the wheel shows as if Harvey took the first card from the green instead of the blue.


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