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Piri Piri is one of Harvey's friends, and a recurring character in Harvey Beaks.


Piri Piri is a yellow bird with dark green curly hair, freckles, large eyes with noticeable pupils, and orange feet. She wears a teal beret, a long pink scarf, and a white sweater with a purple skirt. 


Piri Piri seems to be eccentric and easily excitable. She is an artist, and enjoys drawing and sculpting very much. She also appears to have a very open mind and takes interests in others' hobbies, such as Harvey's favorite mystery novel series.


Harvey Beaks

In "Harvey's Favorite Book", Harvey shared his interests in the Detective Dirk book series with her, which fascinates her more than the other kids he spoke with. She even shared the mystery novel series with others, wrote a letter to Jackie Slitherstein, and told her that Harvey admires the author's books. It is revealed in "Secret Gordon" that she has a crush on Harvey and wishes to spend time with him alone.


Piri Piri and Claire are best friends. When Claire gave Piri Piri a Valentine's Day card, she was really happy and said it looked perfect. She even presented Claire a bizarre sculpture she made in "Anti-Valentine's Day".


In "Someone's Stealing My Stuff", Piri Piri saw beauty within her sketchbook full of butt drawings created by Fee, despite Dade's negative protest.


In "Le Corn Maze... of DOOM!", they teamed up when they and the gang couldn't get out of the corn maze, and when they lost Kratz, they stayed particularly close to each other and almost kissed near the end of the episode until Harvey, the squirrels and the twins destroy the walls of the corn maze to escape. It is possible that Rooter has a crush on her.


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