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"Pe-Choo!" is the first episode of the first season of Harvey Beaks.


At Wetbark Lake, Harvey tries to get himself banned from the lake so he can go "Pe-Choo" with Fee and Foo.


The episode begins with the trio playfully trekking through the forest. Fee and Foo lead Harvey to Wetbark Lake to show him something amazing; whenever the twins enter the lake, they are shot out by something in the water. However, this doesn't seem to occur to Harvey.

Fee and Foo go "pe-choo!"

Dade informs him that the twins are banned from the lake, and that being banned causes one to be ejected forcefully. With this information, Harvey calls up the Spirit of Wetbark Lake and asks if he could be banned. The sea serpent rebuffs his request, telling Harvey that he is too well-behaved to be banned. Harvey makes it his goal to be banned from the lake so that he could "pe-choo" with the twins.

Harvey enlists the help of Foo and Fee to get banned. The first strategy they teach him is staring at someone to annoy them. Harvey tries this on Jeremy, but it does not work Harvey turned into a monster to take his shirt and pants off and trys take over the lake then Harvey got banned from the lake.


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