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Officer Fredd is a police officer in Littlebark Grove. He patrols the forest, keeping trouble at bay with his special taser gloves.


Fredd is a small green caterpillar. He has light green markings on his chest and back. He wears six small brown shoes, a leaf hat with a V-shaped golden insignia, and his special taser gloves. Fredd's eyes are concealed by his leaf hat.


  • He always shouts out "BA-ZAP" every time he electrocutes lawbreakers.
  • In "The Rebel", it's revealed that he was confined in a box until he turned 30, which explains why he is still a caterpillar.
  • According to Greenblatt from tumblr, Officer Fredd's name is based on Judge Dredd.
  • During the end credits from to "Comet Night!" and "Old-Fashioned Dade", his name was misspelled with one "d" missing at the end.
  • In "Junior Squealers", it's revealed that Officer Fredd likes to count rungs when climbing ladders.
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