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Moff is a supporting character in Harvey Beaks.


Moff is a moth with a purple mustache. He wears a purple shirt, dark purple pants, brown gloves, boots, magenta cape with a bronze gear, gold-rimmed goggles, and a magenta top hat.


Moff is obsessed with steampunk and technology.

As shown in "Steampunks", Moff has joined many sub-cultures throughout his life (from goth to punk to anime), showing he is a fan of sub-cultures in general.


Harvey Beaks

Whenever Harvey is around Moff, Moff tends to leave in disgust or forceably interacts with him. In "Steampunks Part 1", it is revealed that Moff despises children, especially Harvey Beaks, because the birth of Harvey separated him from Irving. After the events of Steampunks, Harvey gives him a gear as a peace-offering and the two seem to be on a generally better standing.

Irving Beaks

Moff is childhood friends with Irving, as revealed in "Steampunks". He takes their friendship very seriously such as in "Mr. & Mrs. Borks" when he was insulted that he didn't become best man to Irving's second wedding.


Fellow member of "The Sillies".

Dr. Roberts

Fellow member of "The Sillies".


  • Moff reveals in "Nightclub Night" that he is 39.
  • Moff is the bassist of Irving's band, "The Sillies."
  • His last name is revealed in "Barkball".
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