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Miriam Beaks (née Page)[1] is a supporting character in the Nickelodeon animated series Harvey Beaks. She is the mother of Harvey and Michelle. She works as a librarian. She accidentally breaks a window from the library and covers it up with paper. In "Anti-Valentine's Day", she receives a disturbing anti-valentine from Harvey and grounds him. She and Fee bond and make the best of their time in "Comet Night!".


Miriam Beaks has white eyes. she wears a pink scarf, purple shirt, and a yellow pants.


  • Miriam had a few friends when she was a kid.
  • In "Mr. & Mrs. Borks" it's revealed that she, Pooker, and Tara were in a rock band.
  • It is revealed in "Harvey Fights Kratz", that she was involved in a lot of street fights when she was younger.


Harvey Beaks

Irving Beaks

Irving is Miriam's husband.

Michelle Beaks

At first, Michelle acted rebellious towards Miriam, In "Fee's Pyramid", Michelle bites Miriam's finger, And when Michelle got saved from quicksand, She gave a evil stare at Miriam, This also happened in "Little Littlebark", When Michelle might have tired out her parents, and "Harvey's Pet", When Michelle yelled at Miriam, Before the events of "Princess Wants a Mom", Michelle possibly apologized to Miriam and possibly also, had spending time at the beach, Together, They seem have a nice relationship.


In "Mr. & Mrs. Borks", Fee organized a super crazy party for Miriam, then Fee though that she broke Miriam, but then she (along with Claire, Piri Piri, and Dade), helped Miriam to arrive to the weeding.


They are very closer friends.


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