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Les Squirrels are a family of squirrels that act as a mafia. Their names, language, and accents are French. They wield wooden guns with rubber bands attached, slingshots, and use acorns either as projectiles or ammo.

List of Family Members

  • Jean Luc - second-in-command
  • Jean Claude - wears a reddish-orange hat with green leaf as a plume and lost his tail
  • Sean Jean - wears a blue headband
  • Billi Jean - female member with a curly beehive hairstyle
  • Long Jean - wears glasses
  • Papa Jean - Godfather-like leader that wears a violet beret


  • Every member of Les Squirrels has "Jean" in their names.
  • The name Long Jean could be a reference to the character, Long John Silver, from Treasure Island.
  • Billi Jean's hairstyle is similar to Marge Simpson from the longest-running animated sitcom, The Simpsons.
  • Papa Jean could be a parody of a titular character from the film, The Godfather.
  • It is revealed in "A Day of No To-Do" that Papa Jean can make crepes.
  • Considerably, as Randl is merely a grump, and Princess is a spoiled brat but otherwise tends to get along with the other kids. The squirrels are the only recurring characters that could be considered the shows' "Villains"
  • While their debut in an actual episode is "The Spitting Tree" they actually first appear in the theme intro, as background cameos while Harvey, Fee and Foo walk across a branch.
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