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"Later, Dingus" is a Season 2 episode of Harvey Beaks.[1]


When Fee's longtime friend passes away, she learns how to say goodbye.


Episode opens with Fee and Blister pranking with the others, until Fee goes to the dinner with Blister saying that he have a great prank operation.

Later that day, Miriam has a phonecall from someone until she learned the horrible thing, she and Irving go to the living room, where they sadly inform Harvey and the twins that Retirement home called them about Blister died.

Harvey and Foo, heartbroken by the death of their elderly friend, mourn his loss. Foo appears to be devastated at first, but after something whispers to her, she realizes that it's one of his pranks. She tells this to them, whom beleive her.

When they attract every people to their prank funeral, where everyone was mourning, until they prank them and ask Blister to come out, but he didn't. They all appear to be very confused, until they learn that Blister really died, after all.....

Later that afternoon, Harvey and Foo clean up the mess and sadly watch at Fee. She is despodent that Blister died, until Miriam comes to give Blister's things to Fee. Fee starts crying as boys comfort her, until she receives the letter from Blister, thanking her for showing everything.

Then they build the statue of blister as his final prank. Harvey and Foo tell Fee that he will be proud, they watch at the statue with pride and satisfaction. Fee ends the episode by saying:"Later, Dingus."(like the final word that was said at the beginning of the episode)...


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  • This marks Blister's third and last appearance.
  • It is revealed that Kratz is allergic to chocolate.
  • This is the second episode to have flashbacks from previous episodes. The first was "Kathy with a K".
    In memoriam card from later dingus.png
  • An In memoriam at the end of the episode is dedicated to the friends and relatives of the cast and crew who passed away
  • Although cut off, Meryl reveals that Blister is Randl's father.
  • Scenes from "The Blister" and "Hug Life" can be seen during the flashbacks.


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