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Kratz is a young skunk living in Bigbark Woods.


Kratz is a skunk with black and white fur, curly white hair, and he wears brown pants pulled up to his stomach.


Kratz is a clumsy and unfortunate skunk. Kratz is scared of almost everything, including Fee. And when he's scared, nervous or in pain, he makes noxious clouds.


  • Kratz was originally going to appear in "Comet Night?", but the writers thought the boy side was packed.
  • Kratz is friends with Dade. They are both seen camping together in "The Ghost Problem".
  • Kratz and his family only use bubblegum-flavored toothpaste as revealed in the flashback from "The Sleepover's Over".
  • Ironically enough, unlike Foo (who's voice actor was replaced), Kratz's voice actor didn't get replaced and still continues to voice him even if his voice noticeably deepened (hence why Kratz sounds different in the newer episodes).
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