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Irving Beaks is a supporting character in the Nickelodeon animated series Harvey Beaks. He is the father of Harvey and Michelle.


While he is a loving father, Irving Beaks is the coward of the family and can be easily scared. He is also shown to be very clumsy on multiple occasions, as well as having a child-like nature. On top of that, Irving tends to be forgetful.


Roland Beaks

Irving and Roland are complete opposite. While Irving is kind, caring and emotional, his father, Roland is stoic, no-nonsense, quiet and emotionless. Despite this, they love each other. In The Feelings, this episode focuses on their relationship, and in this episode, Irving planned the family trip to finally connect to his father. At the hill, Roland tells Irving that he is proud of him, and praises him for being a good father to Harvey, but also the good son to Roland and they've reconciled. The episode ends, with Harvey, Irving and Roland taking photo, with Roland finally for the first time in his life, smiled at the photo.

Miriam Beaks

They have a nice relationship. In "Mr. & Mrs. Borks", they got re-married and Irving said that Miriam is perfect.

Harvey Beaks

Harvey and Irving have a healthy father-son relationship. Irving once cried, when his son was born.


In "Steampunks Part 1", it is revealed that both Irving and Moff had been best friends since they were children. However, as the two grew older, Irving became more romantically involved, and in so doing, became separated from Moff, much to Moff's dismay. The two still remain casual friends.

Fee and Foo

Irving knows Fee and Foo, ever since they were toddler and tolerates them, even as they're his son's best friends.


Irving is a bird with glasses. He wears a pink shirt. and has black eyes, and beige defunct-like pants.


  • Irving was originally voiced by Chris Parnell in the pilot. But in the TV series, Scott Adsit took over.
  • He is implied to be a terrible cook in "The Finger" when Miriam Beaks mentions this by saying she really has no clue if his food is "food". He also caused a little fire thanks to his Casserole 5000.
  • As shown in "The Almighty Foo", Irving likely has entomophobia, or the fear of more than one class of insects. However, he does not want to see bugs killed despite his obvious fear.
  • He is the keytar player and founder of his band, "The Sillies."
  • In "Recipe for Disaster", Irving, from lack of food, starts to get shakes and Miriam reminds him of his blood sugar, hinting he may be a diabetic.
  • In "The Ballad of Museli and Jangles", he has an alter-ego called Jangles.
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