Halbreth is a small light beige creature responsible for faciliating entropy, or chaos, in the forest with a small telescope-like device.


Halbreth is tiny greyish creature, with stubby arms and legs. He has a bulbous, wrinkly nose. He wears light brown gloves, boots, and a golden hardhat shaped like a rhino beetle.


Halbreth is shown to be cruel, unapologetic, and immature. Although he claims to be 700+ years old, Halbreth behaves like a bratty toddler and has a voice to match. His attitude can range from grouchy and irritable to vindictive and condescending, and his actions towards others can range from just plain selfish to abusive and sadistic. For example, in "The Nature of Nature", He treats Harvey like a slave, making Harvey carry him across vicious, man-eating plants even though he has his device back and could just as easily clear a path.


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