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“Make a mess!”
Foo, Pe-Choo!

Foo is the tritagonist of the Harvey Beaks TV series. He is Fee's younger twin brother, son of Bada and Grada and Harvey Beaks' best friend. He is voiced by Tom Robinson.



Foo is very energetic. He's so energetic he seems to wear even himself out, being totally energized one minute and fast asleep the next. Foo is the most impulsive of his friends, being unafraid to jump into dangerous situations. This may have more to do with his obliviousness than actual courage, however, as he has been shown to get afraid of scary things. He has a pure heart, too; it is said if he had sleeves, he would wear it on them.

Foo also tends to act like a puppy; he likes sticks, eating and playing with bugs, running around, chewing on things, and going to the bathroom where he shouldn't. Living outside, he likes climbing trees and swinging on vines. His voice is very raspy, and he doesn't say a lot in order to express himself.


Foo is an imp around the age of nine-years-old.[1] He is of average height and build, and is covered in orange fur.[2][3] Foo has a round head with bushy hair on the sides, and a curly piece of hair on top that, at an angle, looks like a question mark; this hair is more of a mandarin-orange color compared to the rest of his fur, and it fades in a gradient. His eyes are big and close together; they have light, yellow-colored sclerae. His nose is pointy and shaped like a bat's; it is deep-red in color. His mouth is big, and he has sharp, off-white teeth. His outfit consists only of a pair of shiny, red footed pants made out of a garbage bag.


When Foo was younger, he did not have the curl in his hair and it is shown that he has worn his red footed pants since he was an infant.


In 2009, C.H. Greenblatt designed an imp character along with two other creatures for the original title of the Harvey Beaks series, Bad Seeds.[4] The imp character is the original design of Foo. At the time, Greenblatt didn't officially name the character, but referred to him as "Jimp the Imp." Over time, he evolved from the main character into one of the main three. His design also changed, but Foo is still recognizably similar in appearance.


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Fee is Foo's twin sister, and the two always get along together. Fee takes on the role of a big-sister to Foo despite the two being the same age; this is because she was born first.[5] In "A Tail of Les Squirrels", Fee goes into a literal blind-rage when Foo is taken from her. In "The Negatives of Being Positively Charged", they're willing to do anything to reunite. The only time he was seen being legitimately mad at Fee was when she told Harvey their secret twin language.


Foo considers Harvey to be his best friend, and Harvey feels the same way. Harvey and Foo often learn from and help one-another. Foo becomes more outgoing and energetic with Harvey around, and he often pushes Harvey to try new things. In "A Tail of Les Squirrels", Harvey tries to save Foo himself when Fee can no longer see. In "The Rentl Bike", Harvey goes out of his way to make Foo happy by getting him a bike and riding with him.


  • In "The Almighty Foo" Foo refers to the curl in his hair as a "curly thing."
  • It is revealed in "Recipe for Disaster" that Foo hates veggie chips, because he says they're "too boring".
  • It is revealed in "Yampions" that Foo is allergic to yams.
  • It is revealed in "Yeti Ready" that Foo is allergic to bees.
  • Whenever he misbehaves, Fee makes him wear stuffy clothes that he hates as revealed in "The Punishment".
  • He was originally voiced by Jackson Brundage, but he was replaced by Tom Robinson when his voice changed.


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