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Dade is the tritagonist of Harvey Beaks. He is a rabbit who lives in Bigbark Woods, and a friend of Harvey Beaks. He has a strange obsession with Harvey, as he would willingly do things he normally would not just to get Harvey's attention.


He is a golden rabbit with cream tipped ears and paws. He has large cheeks, and has a flopped ear on the other side.


Dade seems to admire Harvey almost to the point of being obsessed. On the other hand, he despises anyone who is a rebel (including Harvey at one point) or troublemaker. He thinks everything troublesome is a detriment to the world and sees Harvey as a perfect being of goodness. Once Fee and Foo became Harvey's friends, Dade began to show jealousy due to the fact that Harvey had befriended the troublemakers (as shown in "Old-Fashioned Dade"), and that Harvey does not hang out with him as often now. Beyond his affiliations with Harvey, Dade appears to be good friends with Kratz, and the two are often seen hanging out together.

Dade is known to be quite cowardly, even to the point of abandoning Harvey after knocking his father unconscious in "Comet Night?", out of fear of punishment or imprisonment. In addition to his dislike for Fee and Foo, Dade doesn't seem to think much of his younger siblings, and views them as minor annoyances. Dade is also quite conservative in his views, shown when he protests at Club Mulch for promoting dancing and the consumption of sugary drinks.


  • According to Harvey, Dade smells like hot dogs even though Dade states prior to that, that people stop him on the street because he smells like mints.
  • Dade was originally supposed to be voiced by Jackson Brundage, but network executives suggested that creator C.H. Greenblatt voice him as they found his voice for Dade funnier.[1]
  • In the episode, "Certified Babysitter", it is shown that Dade plays the clarinet.
  • While both Dade and Harvey are heavy sticklers to the rules, Harvey only cares about rules he personally follows and usually has no issues if any of his friends break any, and even then he (depending on the episode) has no issue breaking rules if it's for good intentions. Dade in sharp contrast attempts to force everyone to adhere to every rule solely for the sake that they're rules, even if they don't make much sense. Though he has no issues with Fee and Foo breaking rules if it's beneficial to himself, such as in Old Fashioned Dade where he nastily tricks the twins into breaking a ride so they'd get kicked out of the festival leaving him to have Harvey all to himself.


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