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Claire is a recurring character in Harvey Beaks.


Claire is a small, light brown fox with cream-tipped ears and tail and shoulder-length brown hair. Her usual outfit consists of a purple blouse with a white ascot. She almost always wears her glasses. Without them, her eyes appear small and beady as first seen in "Someone's Stealing My Stuff" and second seen in "Buds Before Studs".


Claire appears to be shy and soft-spoken. She has a submissive attitude, doing whatever her mother tells her without question. She has a notable crush on Foo


  • She has a crush on Foo as shown in "A Tail of Les Squirrels", "Someone's Stealing My Stuff", "The Bad Seed", and "Buds Before Studs".
  • She is also an artist, as she's skilled at drawing anime, which was shown in "Buds Before Studs".
  • Her sister beats her at everything, as heard in "Princess is Better Than You".
  • In "Princess is Better Than You", Claire says that whenever she fails at something, she has to write a report on how she can improve next time, which is a rule set by Claire's mother. She also apparently has to write a "victory report" whenever she succeeds at something.
  • It is also revealed in "Princess is Better Than You" that Claire's mom does not allow her to watch television because of it rotting her brain.
  • She takes oboe lessons as revealed in "Comet Night!"
  • Her age is 10, as proved in the flashback in Technoscare where we see some of the kids as babies, Claire says "we're only three" suggesting at that point she is the same age as everyone else onscreen, which includes Harvey who is 10 at the present date.
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