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The show's main characters (clockwise): Foo, Fee, & Harvey

This is a list of characters that have been seen or have been mentioned by other characters in Harvey Beaks.


Main Characters

  • Harvey Beaks - A playful and well behaved blue bird.
  • Fee and Foo - The wildest twins in the forest and Harvey's best friends.

Supporting Characters

  • Miriam Beaks - Harvey's mother.
  • Irving Beaks - Harvey's father.
  • Michelle Beaks - Harvey's baby sister.
  • Dade - A chubby rabbit that admires Harvey but dislikes Fee and Foo.
  • Claire - A shy, bespectacled fox who has a crush on Foo
  • Piri Piri - A female yellow bird who is Claire's best friend and an artist. She sees good in everything, including Fee and Foo.
  • Kratz - A skunk who is considered boring, unlucky, and miserable. He is usually treated like a loser and a nobody except by Harvey. He sprays noxious gas whenever he feels scared, nervous and/or in pain.
  • Princess - An obnoxious, female owl that wears a pink dress and a tiara. She is bad-tempered, selfish and extremely spoiled.
  • Rooter - A warthog that has a large mowhawk and speaks with an Australian accent. He is a wilderness survivalist.
  • Technobear - A fat, street-smart brown bear in a reddish speedo. He is very loyal to Harvey.
  • Jeremy - A big, furry mushroom with an elephant trunk-like nose, and talks with a Mickey Mouse-like voice.
  • Doctor Roberts - Princess's friendly but eccentric father.
  • Moff - A steampunk-admiring, lonely moth who is good friends with Irving Beaks and holds a grudge against children, especially Harvey Beaks.