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"Bad Seeds" is the flash-animated pilot episode of what would become Harvey Beaks. Later, it is reanimated in a TV show episode in digital ink and paint animation and re-titled as "Pe-Choo!".


At Wetbark Lake, Harvey tries to get himself banned from Wetbark Lake so he can go "Pe-Choo" with Fee and Foo.


The pilot begins with Fee and Foo going over to meet Harvey at his house, and inviting him over to Wetbark Lake. In order to have an awesome time at the lake, Harvey has to do the one thing that’s the hardest for him–get in really big trouble. In this episode, Harvey notices when he goes into the lake with Fee and Foo, he does not get to go flying in the air with his friends. Harvey also finds out that Fee and Foo are banned from the lake. Harvey wants to learn how to be trouble so he can banned himself from the lake. And in the end, Harvey gets banned from the lake with the help of his friends.


Major Characters

Supporting Characters

Minor Characters


  • In this pilot episode, Technobear started out as an adult character and was originally voiced by C.H. Greenblatt. But later as the TV series got made, he is re-animated as a kid and currently voiced by Mason Vaughn.
  • Irving was originally voiced by Chris Parnell in this pilot.
  • Rooter originally appeared with darker tone of his skin while his face is lighter. His Mohawk is styled as combed behind.
  • The Spirit of Wetbark Lake was light greenish with hints of orange in this pilot. But later, his skin color changed to light blue.
  • Rooter was seen sitting in front of the waterfall with Jeremy hiding behind the boulders on the right. But in "Pe-Choo!," Technobear takes Rooter's place.
  • Tara was brown, but in the series, her color changed to violet.
  • Unlike "Pe-Choo!," Fee kidnapped many lake comers, including Technobear, and told them to "hate Harvey" or else she'll allow Foo to take off his shoes and spread his noxious odors at them.
  • The pilot, unlike the show, was animated in Flash by Mercury Filmworks, the same company responsible for animating shows such as Wander Over Yonder and Star vs. the Forces of Evil (Season 1 Only).
  • In the pilot, Harvey and Irving's last name originally was "Tweets."


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